FLUORINE FREE Foam to fight flammable liquid fires

UNIPOL-FF™ is a foam concentrate formulated with a special combination of hydrocarbon surfactants and pseudoplastic polymers which gives excellent foaming, extinguish and burnback properties to its foam solutions.

It does not contain any organohalogenated compounds. It can be used to put out class B (liquids) and class A (solids) fires.

UNIPOL-FF™ has been designed to be used with low expansion nozzles and generate foams with high fluidity and slow drainage.

It is mainly used on hydrocarbon fires and could be even applied with forceful application, property until now only reserved for AFFF agents.

It can also be used on polar solvents, in this case with gentle application. The lack of fluorinated additives, which improves the anti-alcohol effect of the product, makes advisable to test it with different solvents as it may be necessary to increase the typical application rates.

Unlike the AFFF agents, it does not form an aqueous film on hydrocarbons because it does not contain fluorinated surfactants. The excellent extinguish times are possible thanks to its good foaming capacity, high water retention and great oleophobicity.

Due to the lack of this aqueous film, it is recommended to cover the fuel with a layer of foam thick enough to prevent that the fuel surface can be exposed and reignited. Its good wetting ability and great water retention make it very suitable for extinguishing Class A fires (solid) with both spray and low expansion nozzles.

UNIPOL-FF™ dilution rate is available from 1% to 6% to perform extraordinarily on fresh or sea water. It may be proportioned with standard equipment (in-line inductors, bladder tanks, balanced pressure systems, etc.)

UNIPOL-FF™ range is certified by:

Tested successfully with sprinklers according to UL 162 on Heptane, Acetone, Ethanol and IPA.

UNIPOL-FF™ is highly biodegradable.

Download Technical Datasheets

pdf-icon UNIPOL-FF 3/6

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