EX-1 and EX-10

AFFF compounds to fight hydrocarbon fires, especially designed for use in portable fire extinguishers. They achieve very fast extinctions on light fuels, when applied as foam or spray, thanks to their improved aqueous film features. They exhibit very low corrosion rates on carbon steel and light alloys.

Specially designed to be used with portable fire extinguishers. Also it can be used with low expansion foam equipment (nozzles, monitors, foam chambers, etc.) and non-aspirating devices (water spray nozzles and standard sprinklers).

It can be used in premix (in portable extinguishers) or proportioned with standard equipment (in-line inductors, bladder tanks, balanced pressure systems, etc.) and special purpose ones for AFFF agents (e.g. Hydrofoam nozzles).

These products are to be mixed with water at 1% rate in the case of EX-1 and at 10% on the EX-10.

pdf-iconEX-1            pdf-iconEX-10


EXD-20 and EXD-30

Aqueous solution of an AFFF agent specifically designed to be used with aerosols. It contains solvents and salts to decrease the freezing point below -20 ºC which is ideal to be used in cold weather conditions.

It is a dilution ready to be used on any foaming or spraying system, but it has been especially designed as a fluid to recharge small aerosols with a propellant gas. When it is used to fight hydrocarbon fires, it is capable to achieve very fast extinctions and the foam remains on the fuel. It provides a good protection against burn-back. Is also an excellent product to fight class F fires.

pdf-iconEXD-20           pdf-iconEXD-30


Aqueous solution of organic salts for the extinction of class F fires (oil and fats). When applied as spray, it achieves a quick extinction and cooling, besides an excellent burn-back resistance, even at high temperatures. Thanks to its composition is able to avoid the projection of splash during application of aqueous additives on burning fat/oil, preventing human and material damages.
AQUAFAT can be used directly with any spray system, but it has been especially designed for being used on portable extinguishers and fixed installations of the industrial kitchens.



The F-334 is a water based additive of ammonium pyrophosphate. It is used for the protection of solid products as fire retardant. In case of class A fires, the F-334 solution achieves a quick know-down of fire modifying the combustion process of the material and avoiding re ignition.

Although it has been especially designed for use in portable fire extinguishers, the product can be used with spray nozzles to protect solid surfaces as paper, wood, coal, etc. The F-334 can be used in combination with AFFF agents to improve their class A performance; in that case it will be necessary to check the stability and performance of final solutions.

Dilution rates are 5% – 40% in water, depending on performance desired. It can be used in premix, adding the product directly to water (for example portable extinguishers).

All synthetic foams are highly biodegradable.






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