Synthetic multiexpansion foam concentrates 1% to 3%

Synthetic foam compounds specially designed to be used in high and medium expansion foam generators to fight class A and class B (hydrocarbon) fires.

This product contains synthetic surfactants with a very good resistance to water hardness and it is easily biodegradable. The foam shows a good stability and drains slowly. These foam concentrates are completely Fluorine Free.

To be used with high, medium and low expansion foam equipment.

High expansion foams with ratios from 500 to 1.000.

These foam concentrates are very appropriate to extinguish indoor fires by suffocation.

Medium expansion foam is a sufficiently heavy to be used outdoors, filling small places, covering quickly spillages, etc.

It can be used also to produce low and very-low (using water spray nozzles) expansion foam for general purposes (fighting A and B class fires)

Multiexpansion foam concentrates are also suitable to extinguish controlled hydrocarbon fires when used on gentle application.

The proportioning rate varies from 1% to 3% in fresh or sea water for the production of all kind of foams expansions.

This range is certified by EN-1568.

All synthetic foams are highly biodegradable.

Download Technical Datasheets

pdf-icon SF-60L @ 3%

pdf-icon H-930 @ 2%

pdf-icon RFC-105 @ 1%





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