FLUOPOL™ is synthetic foam compound FSF (fluorosurfactants free) for extinction of hydrocarbon and polar solvent fuel fires (Multipurpose) when used in conjunction with low, medium and high expansion equipment.

FLUOPOL™ contains fluoropolymers and high molecular weight polymers which produce foams with low draining and show a very good resistance on common foam destruction produced by alcohols and other polar solvents.

It may be used with low expansion foam equipment (hand nozzles, monitors, foam chambers, etc. ), medium expansion foam branches and high expansion foam generators.

Goodness of FLUOPOL™ is a top performance when used with high and medium expansion equipment, where it performs effectively on forceful application, even on polar solvents.

It is ideal to protect warehouses when storing paints, solvents, alcohols, etc. The expansion ratios of FLUOPOL™ are much superior than an standard AFFF-AR.

Moreover, it can be used with high expansion equipment in “hot foam” systems where the foam generators can aspirate internal hot air containing smoke and combustion products, thanks to its very good water retention. It must be applied gently when low expansion devices are used.

FLUOPOL™ dilution rate is available at 3% and 6% to perform extraordinarily on fresh or sea water. It may be proportioned with standard equipment (in-line inductors, bladder tanks, balanced pressure systems, etc.)

FLUOPOL™ range is certified by:

  • EN-1568
  • HOTFOAM tested.

FLUOPOL™ is highly biodegradable.

Download Technical Datasheets

pdf-icon FLUOPOL™ P3

pdf-icon FLUOPOL™ P6





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