AFFF compound for extinction of class A and class B (hydrocarbon) fires. It contains fluorinated and hydrocarbon surfactants in order to allow the formation of an aqueous film on the surface of most hydrocarbon fuels, reducing vapour leaks and preventing the contact with the oxygen.

The foam produced in CAFS (Compressed Air Foam Systems) with this concentrate at 0,5% in water improves quality over the foams produced with conventional equipment, showing fastest extinction times and better burnback resistance; this foam can be used efficiently at very low application rates.

CAFILM is designed to be used with low expansion foam equipment (nozzles, monitors, foam chambers, etc.), non-aspirating devices (water spray nozzles and standard sprinklers).

CAFILM dilution rate is available at 0,5% to perform extraordinarily on fresh or sea water. It may be proportioned with standard equipment (in-line inductors, bladder tanks, balanced pressure systems, etc.)

CAFILM range is certified by:

  • EN-1568

CAFILM is highly biodegradable and it is manufactured according to “C6 fluorocompounds” fulfilling the 2010/2015 EPA PFOA Stewardship Program.

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