AUXQUIMIA at PERN Conference, Poland

Auxquimia has been back in october 2016 in the Conference organized by PERN, major Oil storage operator in Poland, presenting some very interesting results about firefighting foam testing with AFFFs and Fluorine Free foams.

PERN organizes this event once every three years and it gathers an important number of municipal and Industrial firefighters from all across Poland and surrounding eastern countries.


AUXQUIMIA in Singapore with IAFPA and Changi Airport

Auxquimia has been in the SAA-IAFPA FireFighting Foam Seminar in Singapore presenting some very interesting results about firefighting foam testing with AFFFs and Fluorine Free foams. Over 6 months, Auxquimia´s technical department has analyzed many of the current products in the market in order to shed a light on the limits, if any, of Fluorine free foam concentrates to fight flammable liquid fires.


Contract with Turkish National Airports (DHMI)

Public institution DHMI (Agency which coordinates all Turkish airports) launches an annual tender very similar to Spanish AENA to supply firefighting foam concentrate to all the National airports.
The standards of this tender are very demanding in terms of specifications and effectiveness in firefighting. Finally AUXQUIMIA has been selected as the preferred option of this organization and increases its presence in Turkey, where we already are official suppliers of the largest oil group in the country.


Contract with the US Air Force

The Air Force has awarded a $6.2 million contract to to ICL Performance products to replace all their firefighting foam used in fire vehicles with an environmentally responsible foam to reduce the risk of possible contamination of soil and groundwater.
The foam concentrate would be manufactured by AUXQUIMIA S.A.U, based in Spain which holds a fantastic reputation in terms of firefighting performance.

APF-Mastheads-370 285

Constant Evolution Part 1

In the last decade there have been many advances in foam for firefighting. Since 2001 the multinational 3M ceased to manufacture surfactants and fluorinated AFFF foams due to the ban on PFOS (perfluorooctyl sulfonates), a flurry of development has been carried out by manufacturers of fluorinated derivatives and foams.
The ban of PFOS required by an European and American Regulations, the decreasing of chains length (from 8 to 6 carbon atoms) in the fluorinated materials to reduce precursors of PFOA, the different proposals to limit the PFOA levels….


C8-Free world

A world free of C8 and fluoro-compounds is not unattainable, writes Alberto Menéndez of Auxquimia.

We are facing challenging times in fire fighting. The traditional tools that protect both us and our assets are being closely evaluated and some of them are being ruled out in order to keep our world healthy for the future.


Auxquimia – SICUR 2016

Auxquimia has been in February this year in SICUR 2016 which tooks place in Madrid from 23rd to 26th February.
This exhibition is a reference in the South of Europe for companies involves in industrial safety.
Auxquimia has presented some top performance products mainly focus on the Oil&Gas specific risks

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